How do I select a BBS race plan on the ELEMNT before or during a race?

Please note that only Races will contain targets. Courses do not contain any targets and are only navigation.

  1. Turn on the ELEMNT
  2. Press the PAGE button until the Map page is displayed
  3. Press the ROUTE button
  4. Scroll to the BBS race and press SELECT
  5. To review your Power/Speed Targets press the route button or press START from any page to begin
ELEMNT select race ELEMNT select race ELEMNT select race ELEMNT select race

If you are at the beginning of the race the Initial Power and Speed Targets will appear in the data fields Target Power and Target Speed. If you are already on the course the ELEMNT will find where you are on the course and display the proper targets for your position. Some examples of our preferred ELEMNT screen layouts are shown below.

ELEMNT screens ELEMNT screens ELEMNT screens
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