What Are The Most Accurate Devices/Sources To Get My .GPX or .FIT File From?

Achieving the best results from Best Bike Split is dependent on having a quality .GPX or .FIT file with accurate elevation data for our math and physics model.

Below is a guide to help you select the best .GPX or .FIT data to upload to the system.

Most Accurate Data Collection Devices

  • Garmin 810
  • Garmin 800
  • Garmin 510
  • GPS devices with barometric altimeter correction*
  • Some Android Phones
    • Galaxy S3/4 have altimeter
    • Strava app does not use the altimeter for Android

*The Garmin 500 and 910xt can often collect accurate data, but have been shown to be prone to temperature drift and occasional drop outs.

Typically Poor Data Collection Devices

  • GPS Watches/ Bike Computers with no altimeter
  • Phone Apps

Recommended .GPX and .FIT Data Sources

  • TrainingPeaks (FIT - from previously uploaded FIT files)
  • Garmin Connect Activities (GPX/FIT - FIT is preferred)
    • Check upload device for each activity
  • Strava Activities (GPX - your own rides)
  • Strava Activities (GPX - Premium Downloads)
    • Check upload device
    • Avoid activities made with iPone/Android App
  • RideWithGPS (GPX)
    • Courses can be created manually on and then the resulting GPX file can be exported for use with Best Bike Split
    • Does not show the device used for upload
    • Check elevation data before upload

Least Recommended Data Sources

  • MapMyRide
    • Heavily sampled lat/long data set
    • No elevation data provided
  • Strava Route Creator
    • Heavily reduce lat/long data set
    • No elevation data provided
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