How do I manually load Garmin Power Course and TCX Power Route files on to my Garmin Device?

Garmin Power Course and TCX Power Route files allow you to load your Best Bike Split race power plans onto your Garmin devices to use during your races. When running during a race, power alerts will pop up at the bottom of your screen to indicate the proper power target based on specific latitude and longitude points along the course. Currently these files are compatible with 500/10, 800/10, and 910xt/920xt devices. These courses must be manually loaded to your Garmin device as Garmin Connect does not yet support power alerts. Instructions for loading these files are shown below:

Garmin Devices (without music)

  1. Plug in device via USB
  2. Open Garmin device directory
  3. Open NewFiles
  4. Copy your Best Bike Split .fit file(s) or .tcx file(s) into the NewFiles directory (note some devices may require you to place the file in the Courses directory)
  5. Unplug device
  6. You should see your new Power Target Based course(s) on the device by going to the Courses section

    Note: If the file does not load you may need to clear up memory by removing old courses. In some cases you can only load one course file at a time.
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