How Do I Load My Best Bike Split Race Plan Into The TrainerRoad Application?

TrainerRoad is a great indoor training tool that allows athletes to follow well thought out indoor power workouts. These workouts based on power and duration are typically called ERG (Watts vs. Time) or MRC (%FTP vs. Time) workouts. By combining your Best Bike Split race plans with indoor training provided by TrainerRoad you can start to pre train and get an accurate simulation of how it will feel on race day. We have also created a beta TrainerRoad specific file type that will be enhanced over time.

Here are the steps for getting race based power workouts transferred from Best Bike Split to the TrainerRoad application.

  1. First you must have a Best Bike Split and a TrainerRoad account.
  2. Create a Rider Profile in Best Bike Split to get baseline information such as FTP.
  3. Upload a course or courses you wish to model into Best Bike Split in GPX format or choose one or more courses from our growing database.
  4. Create a race plan based on Goal IF, Time or TSS.
  5. From the Race Details page download the ERG, MRC, or TrainerRoad file type.
  6. Open the TrainerRoad Workout Creator.
  7. Drag the file from your downloads folder onto the left side of the Workout Creator.
  8. Name your workout in the Workout Creator and select Publish which is on the lower right.
  9. Open the TrainerRoad app and check out your BBS workout under the custom workouts.

Importing Best Bike Split Plans to TrainerRoad

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