How do I use Garmin's BBS Power Course data field on my Garmin Device?

The BBS Power Targets data field displays an athlete's race plan power targets in real time as the athlete progresses through the course. Please note that this data field will only work in conjunction with Garmin Power Course (.FIT) file.

Add a BBS Power Course to your Garmin device:

  1. Generate a rider/course/condition specific Race Plan in Best Bike Split
  2. Download the Garmin Power Course for the Race Plan
  3. Place the .FIT file in the new files directory on your Edge 520/820/1000

For best experience use the following options:

  1. Turn your navigation settings to Direct Routing and Lock On Road to Off (found under Activity Profile / Navigation Settings)
  2. In Course Options disable Turn Guidance, disable Off Crs. Warning, disable Segments
  3. In the Specific Course Settings disable Always Display

Note: If you would like alerts when a Power Target is updated enable Course Points in this settings section. With Course Points disabled the Data Field will still update but there will not be an alert.

Riding a BBS Power Course:

  1. Select Navigation
  2. Choose your BBS Power Course file from saved courses
  3. Start your activity as you would a normal course
  4. When prompted to "Navigate to Beginning of Course?" it's best to dismiss this option (select No). As you approach the beginning of the course the head unit should find it.

If you see an N/A during a course it means your device firmware is not up to date or your device does not support the 2.2.x Connect IQ SDK. If you see No Target your course file does not contain course points.

Download the Power Targets data field from the Garmin Connect IQ store.

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