What settings should I use for my Garmin Edge 520 with Garmin Power Courses?

One of Best Bike Split's key features is the Garmin Power Course. This file when paired with a Garmin Edge cycling computer allows you to receive location based power instructions while racing. Each Garmin device is slightly different so we have created the guide below to help you get the optimal settings for your device. Remember Garmin Power Courses require you to be riding on the actual course because power targets are based on latitude and longitude points.

Before starting, make sure you always have the latest firmware installed on your device.

Data Fields for All Edge Devices

We recommend the following data fields when using Garmin Power Courses on your device. These settings will help guide your actions as power target alerts are prompted.

  1. 3 Second Power Average
  2. 10 Second Power Average
  3. 30 Second Power Average
  4. BBS Power Target (ConnectQ)
  5. CRS. Pt. Distance (not available on all devices)

Garmin Edge 520

Use the following screenshots to help you setup your Edge 520 for optimal use with Garmin Power Courses.

General Course Settings

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Training
  3. Select Courses
  4. Select Course Options
  5. Use Settings Shown on Screen 5 Below
520 Screen 1 520 Screen 2 520 Screen 3 520 Screen 4 520 Screen 5

Specific Course Settings

  1. Select Your Course
  2. Select Settings
  3. Use Settings Shown on Screen 3 Below

520 Screen 1 520 Screen 2 520 Screen 3

Starting Power Course

  1. Load the file to the Edge 520 Device (see How to Load Garmin Power Course or BBS Race Sync ConnectIQ APP)
  2. Turn on the device
  3. Select Menu
  4. Select Training
  5. Select Courses -> (Course Name) -> Ride
  6. Select No with asked to Navigate to Beginning of Course
  7. Start the Ride on your Garmin with the Start Button (at the bottom right)
  8. Race!
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